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Dr Danny Brown will be speaking on ‘Pigeons and Doves in Australian Aviaries’ with a special focus on appropriate feeding and nutrition of this diverse group.

Dr Danny Brown has kept birds since the early 1980’s. Historically, his passion has always been waterfowl, pheasants, quail, pigeons and finches.

He has kept and bred over 150 species over the last 35+ years. Over the last 20 years, Danny has been actively lobbying the department for access to softbill species kept in other states – a difficult task but one that will come to fruition in the coming year.

Danny has been an Avian Vet since 1997 and has worked in private practice and in the zoo system. He is currently a Senior Veterinarian at Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital in Beerwah, QLD.

Danny is an avid author with eight published books through ABK publications on topics such as Pigeons, Doves and Quail, Waterfowl and Pheasants, Microscope use, and various texts on lizards. His last book, “A guide to Australian Lizards” was the culmination of 15 years work and boasts 1000 pages and over 1 million words.

Gary Fitt

Gary Fitt has been keeping birds for 55 years, starting with a few budgies then progressing to finches, which have now become his passion.

Gary has been involved with avicultural societies since the 70's when he joined the Avicultural Society of Australia and then the Queensland Finch Society, where he has been on the Committee since 2004 and is now in his second term as President.

He was inaugural President of the National Finch and Softbill Association when it was formed in 2006 (as is currently President again). In this role he has liaised extensively with government agencies in Queensland, and also in NSW and Victoria around issues of bird welfare, regulatory oversight of native bird keeping and development of codes of practice. Gary enjoys giving presentations on avicultural topics to varying audiences from bird breeders, to ornithological groups and the general public. These days he is more deeply involved with bird conservation both in aviculture and in the wild as Chairman and Science Advisor for the Save the Gouldian Fund and a member of the Blackthroated Finch Recovery Group. Gary relishes the chance to get to the Kimberley to view many of our finches in the natural state and coordinates activities of the STGF around Wyndham.

kerrie rubie

Kerrie has been an avid animal lover her whole life and has kept many pets and wildlife since childhood. However, it wasn’t until she met her bird-loving husband, Brent, that she discovered her own passion for birds, particularly macaws.

For over 20 years, Kerrie and Brent have kept, bred and hand raised a variety of native and exotic birds at their 10 acre property located on the Darling Downs in South East Queensland.

In recent years they have concentrated on breeding and hand raising large Macaws including Blue & Golds and Green-Wingeds, with the aim to expand into other macaw species and exotics in the future.

Kerrie particularly enjoys the hands-on interaction that comes with hand raising parrots and for the past 5 years has been successfully raising healthy, beautifully natured macaws for the companion/pet bird industry.

To house their ever-expanding collection of large macaws (particularly for during the non-breeding season), a large flight aviary (20m L x 10m W x 5m H) was constructed on their property and completed in May 2019. This provides a wonderful environment for the macaws to flock together and for associated behaviours to be observed.


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the australian bird expo

The inaugural Australian Bird Expo has been postponed to May 2022

The Australian Bird Expo will be held at the Logan Metro Sports and Events Centre, in Crestmead QLD. Culminating a Bird Sale, Conference, and Gala Dinner into one incredible Event; we are incredibly excited to showcase Australian Aviculture in the best possible way!


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