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PWSA's New Website

24/07/2018 12:55 AM | James Anderson (Administrator)

Today marks the launch of our brand new website!

Personally, we couldn't be happier. The team set out, with a clear vision, to provide a more comprehensive and modern experience for Members of our Society. 

There had previously been a number of challenges, or perhaps things which made a volunteer's life a bit more demanding. Now we've combined multiple aspects of The Pheasant and Waterfowl Society of Australia into one website. 

The main addition is that of the Membership Management system. Not only is the administration side vastly easier and more automated, but we can now offer a unique variety of benefits to Members that previously we couldn't. 

This includes the Bird-Keeper database; effectively a directory of Members who nominate to advertise their birds online!

We've also launched Feather-Trader. This is the first time, since our inception in the mid-sixties, that we've had an online space for Members to advertise their birds. It is certainly an improvement from calling up the Exchange Steward!

To top that all off, we've created around sixty information files. Ranging from bird species, to diet, across to Avian Veterinarians; it's all there to make our website as worthwhile as it can be. 

Please make sure you keep an eye on the site, as we continue to upgrade it in the coming weeks. We hope you enjoy this new space, and find continued value in being associated with The Pheasant and Waterfowl Society of Australia!

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