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This is what our Members strive for. 

Each year, one lucky recipient is awarded this prestigious trophy for an exemplary contribution to The Pheasant & Waterfowl Society of Australia, and the development of Aviculture in Australia. 

For those who don't know Ray, he was a born and bred in the Riverlands, South Australia. When he and his wife moved to Queensland, they successfully kept a wide variety of species; however Ray's passion was Game Birds and Softbills. Ray established Garwood's Pheasant Park, which was famous Aviculture-wide. 

Ray held many positions on various Management Committees, including leading roles within The Pheasant & Waterfowl Society of Australia, before his untimely passing in the mid-2000's.  Many of our Members recall his unofficial motto: "birds first, aviculture second, and the self last". 

To honour his memory, and impact that he had upon our Association and Aviculture in general, we established this exemplary Member Award. It allows that legacy to continue, and provide winners with the knowledge that their commitment has not gone unnoticed. 

To be a part of this incredible experience - make sure you are a current Financial Member of our Association. This is nominated on at the last meeting of the year, with a decision delivered by the President at the Annual General Meeting.  

2017 Winner - James Goodrich

It was decided to award James the Ray Garwood Award for the second year in a row. His service, in varying Management Committee roles, has allowed our Society to prosper. He's been instrumental in implementing various technological upgrades, and continued to grow our Membership base. James is a highly proactive member of the Avicultural community, and  also on the Management Committee for The Parrot Society of Australia. 

Left - 2016 Ray Garwood Award Winner, James Goodrich, presented by Allan Hooper (Life Member)

Above - 2017 Ray Garwood Award Winner, James Goodrich, presented by John Urane (Secretary)

To vote for the 2018 recipient, please ensure you attend our General Meeting in November!


2016 – James Goodrich

2015 – David Ferry

2014 – Marcia Ludlow

2013 – Rino Zandonadi

2012 – Cecil and Heather Davidson

2011 – Ian Dodds

2010 – Steven Armstrong

2009 – Danielle Jones

2008 – Allan Hooper

2007 – Lee Scott

2006 – Steven Armstrong

2005 – Bob Whitehouse

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