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This is your one stop area to see incredible bird species available for sale, or wanted by bird-keepers, anywhere throughout Australia. 

Advertising in the Feather-Trader is exclusively for Members of The Pheasant & Waterfowl Society of Australia. This offers some peace of mind that all advertisements are legitimate and provided by those passionate for Aviculture. 

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Paradise Shelduck Pairs

Contant Shannon on

0419 853 938

Golden Pheasant Pairs

Silver Pheasant Pairs

Kalij Nepal Pairs

Chinese Silkie Pairs

North West Island Feral Fowl flock only

N.B. NWIFF will only be sold at a minimum of three pairs and spare cocks to ensure genetic diversity

Contact John on

0412 799 767

Hand-Reared Parrotlets

Crimson-Bellied Conure Cock

Fertile Japanese Quail Eggs

Contact Kat on

0473 417 785

Mongolian Pheasant Pairs

White Ringneck Pheasant Hens

Chukar Partridge

Blue Peacocks White Peahen (1 year old)

Chukar Partridge hen

Bleeding Heart Pigeons

Male Greenwing pigeons

Bantam Hens Pied

Whiteface Cockatiels

Ringneck Doves

Bengalese Mannikins

Contact Marcia on

(07) 5426 6248 or 0428 666 248

Yellow-Crowned Amazons

Blue & Gold Macaws

Black-Headed Caiques

Contact Chris on

0404 494 485

  Lady Amherst Pheasants

Contact Clark on

0409 166 627 

Golden Pheasants x7 (pure)

Created Pigeons

Painted Button Quail

Contact Jeremy on

0429 438 767

(East Gippsland)


Spinifex Pigeon Hen 

Contact Peta on

0411 199 177

Black-Breasted Button Quail

Red-Breasted Button Quail

Buff-Breasted Button Quail

Little Common Button Quail

Contact Graham Mellor on

(03) 97234146 

New Zealand Scaup Females

Contact Clark on

0409 166 627 

Reeve's Pheasant Cock

Squatter Pigeon

Contact Marcia on

(07) 5426 6248 or 0428 666 248

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