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This is your one stop area to see incredible bird species available for sale, or wanted by bird-keepers, anywhere throughout Australia. 

Advertising in the Feather-Trader is exclusively for Members of The Pheasant & Waterfowl Society of Australia. This offers some peace of mind that all advertisements are legitimate and provided by those passionate for Aviculture. 

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Yellow-Crowned Amazons

Black-Headed Caiques

Contact Chris on

0404 494 485

Silver Pheasants

Contact Goran on

0414 910 319

Black Cockatoo Cock Bird 

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo Pairs

Contact Damien on

0448 855 262

Blue Peacocks

White Peahen

Chukar Partridge Hen

Bleeding Heart Pigeons

Greenwing Pigeon Cocks

Bantam Hens

Contact Marcia on

07 5426 6248/ 0428 666 248

Blue-Fronted Rainbow Lorikeet

Lutino Rainbow Lorikeet

White-Bellied Caique

Mulga Parrot Pairs

Contact Kat on

0473 417 785

Lutino Peachface Lovebirds

Pure Wildtype Masked Lovebirds

Colour Mutation Masked Lovebirds

Alexandrine Cocks

Pied Budgerigar

Contact Kristina on 

0427 678 216

Dark-throated Golden Pheasant Pairs

Golden Pheasant Pairs

Kalij Nepal Cock Bird

White Silkie Pairs

EOI: North-West Island Feral Fowl

Contact John on

0412 799 767


Spinifex Pigeon Hen 

Contact Peta on

0411 199 177

A pair of any Turnix Quail 

Contact Graham on

(03) 9723 4146

Pure Lady Amherst Pheasant Cock

Pure Golden Pheasant Cock

Blue Mutant Pheasant Cock

Contact Goran on 

0414 910 319

Ringneck Pheasant Hens

Swap - Welsh Harlequin Drake for a different bloodline Welsh Harlequin Drake

Contact Jordan on

0473 417 768

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