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Our Management Committee is made up of some incredible volunteers, who all give up their time to ensure the smooth running and growth of The Pheasant & Waterfowl Society of Australia. Each bring something unique and different to our team, with a shared passion for bird life. 

The expertise amongst these people is extraordinary, and are all part of what makes our Club great!

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Our President for The Pheasant & Waterfowl Society of Australia is James Goodrich.

James runs Dysons Wood Aviaries in the North Brisbane/Sunshine Coast region of Queensland. James keeps a range of Exotic Lories, Parrots, Softbills, and Wildfowl. James also keeps rare breeds of poultry. 

James is very passionate about Wild Waterfowl, and their place in Aviculture. 


Kathryn (Kat) Hale is our current Vice President and lives in beautiful Whiteside near Lake Kurwongbah.

She has always grown up with birds as a child; as a teenager she began hand raising cockatiels and showing budgies, while keeping an aviary of finches and quail.

Kathryn is a school teacher and has a strong passion for connecting students to animal husbandry. Kathryn now specializes in hand raised parrots with the family home and budget in mind. She and her husband Jordan run Tail Feathers Brisbane with a varied collection of approximately thirty different species.


John Urane is the Secretary for The Pheasant & Waterfowl Society of Australia. 

At his property on Brisbane's Southside, John keeps a wide variety of Wildfowl, Parrots, and Poultry. Included in John's collection are Blue Mutant Pheasants, Swinhoe's Pheasants, Lady Amherst Pheasants, Golden Pheasants (including Dark-Throated), Reeve's Pheasants, Ringneck Pheasants, Kalij Nepal Pheasants, Silver Pheasants, Black-Breasted Button Quail, North-West Island Feral Fowl, Painted Button Quail and much more.


Krysten Jarrett is the Treasurer for The Pheasant & Waterfowl Society of Australia, holding lots of experience in small business and book keeping. 

Whilst fairly new to Aviculture, her love and passion for the land and all creatures in it has drawn her into the world of bird-keeping.

She specialises in early childhood education, where introducing Wildfowl, Parrots, and other bird life into the classroom has brought joy to the children; plus ignited a passion for sustainability and caring for the environment.


Jordan Hale is our current Brand & Editorial Coordinator managing the brand, image, and advertising behind The Pheasant & Waterfowl Society of Australia, as well as the execution of Wildfowl Australia. 

Jordan is a teacher by day and feathered caretaker any other waking hour. He runs Tail Feathers Brisbane with his wife Kat.

Jordan has always had a fascination with animals but wasn’t introduced into the world of Aviculture until he met his wife. After keeping a few ducks, he was hooked. Jordan now owns Show Champion Line Cayuga ducks, Ancona ducks, Swedish Blue ducks, Welsh Harlequin ducks, Mandarin ducks, Lady Amherst’s Pheasants, Silver Pheasants, partridge and a range of quail species.


Our current Vice Secretary is Alex Clegg.

Although he is a bit of a fledgling into Aviculture, he finds his most peaceful moments of his days are with his feathered friends.

With his wife, Krysten, they run a humble hobby avian sanctuary, where they rarely turn down an animal in need, and therefore have a wonderful variety of bird-kind in their backyard.


Bree Bisshop is the current Memberships Registrar for The Pheasant & Waterfowl Society of Australia. 

She is exceptionally passionate about Aviculture, regularly travelling to Conventions and Conferences across the World to expand her network and experience. 

Bree lives on an island East of Brisbane in Queensland, where she keeps a range of parrots, softbills, and other bird life. 


The first of our General Committee is Garry Stack. 

He has been keeping and breeding birds for over fifty years and has also travelled the globe; not only studying birds in the wild, but also in Aviculture. 

Garry has attended a variety of international conventions, including when he was a keynote speaker at a convention in the Czech Republic. 

Garry's main interest has been in Parrots, but since spending time at one of the World's largest collections of Waterfowl and Softbills in Germany, he has a keen desire to work with these birds in the future. 


Our next General Committee Member is Damien Shelley.

Damien has kept birds for around fifty years, getting his first pair of Budgerigars when he was four years old. 

He currently lives in South East Queensland, with an amazing wife, two daughters, and a self-proclaimed over population of critters!

They own Mirkwood Brahmans and quarter horses as well as working full time...and that doesn't include all the birds!

Damien keeps Black Cockatoos, Australian Native Parrots, some Asiatics, and an array of Pheasants. He also keeps and shows Modena Pigeons, English Show Homers, and Homers. 

Damien's main passion is maintaining pure wild types of species, and bringing younger generations into the hobby that is Aviculture. 


Our third General Committee Member is Brad Mayger. Brad has been keeping and breeding birds for around thirty five years, including galahs, cockatiels, rosellas, princess parrots and their mutations, mutation zebra finches, many native finches, native and foreign quails, domestic ducks including muscovies, many breeds of domestic fowl, including red jungle fowl, guinea fowl mutations, and golden pheasants.

Brad has a keen interest in keeping species pure, as well as modes of inheritance of mutations in captive avian fauna. At present Brad has a rather slowly growing group of dark throated golden pheasants, and a trio of red jungle fowl. Two genetically diverse groups of muscovy ducks are kept here, one being close to pure type natural, and the other breeding the rare snowy down gene, in blue and silver.

Brad has a strong scientific background, and currently work for the QLD Government undertaking ecological assessments of river catchments to provide data for water planning purposes. At present Brad is undertaking a mapping process for the whole of Queensland to determine those areas that are a possibly groundwater dependant ecosystem, a challenging and very rewarding project.

Brad is also a self-professed botany nerd, and has a huge collection of rare and unusual plants, a spectacular hobby that was nurtured by his grandparents and a few very good friends. The collection is predominantly ferns and orchids, but rare bromeliads, natives, variegated plants and clivia also feature highly. Brad loves aquatic plants, and has twelve ponds with various Nymphaea species, and other native and exotic marginal plants, as well as native fish.


Shantel Zrinski is our PWSA Ambassador for New South Wales. She runs Wingspan Bird Gardens and Yoshi's Feathered Retreat. In Shantel's words, 'Aviculture is the first thing that has ever held me captive and made me fall in love with'

Shantel's goal is to uphold best-practice in Aviculture, both for bird breeders and companion bird owners. 

Shantel owns a variety of birds ranging from South American to African and South East Asian. Golden Conures, Macaws, Amazons, Meyers, Senegals, Black Lories, Gang Gangs and Little Lorikeets plus many more.

Her passion is for rarer or unusual birds as well as a preference for endangered. Shantel spends her spare time learning as much as she can about diets, first aid, overall care and more. In-between she often engages in teaching pet owners and start up breeders basic care and socialisation. Shatel studies with Avian Behaviour International as well as completing a minor course in Zoology. Shantel has studied with Currumbin Sanctuary and volunteers with WIRES. She is hoping this year to be able to acquire some Pheasants; hopefully Lady Amherst, Goldens or Swinhoes.


Our PWSA Ambassador for Victoria is Keith Biden. Keith started in birds when he was about ten years old, and like most kept and bred Budgerigars and Zebra Finches.

Keith has always had a keen interest in poultry, Araucanas to be precise. These he has bred and showed for quite a number of years . Through this he met a beautiful lady, Jean Dunstan, who became his mentor. She kept many species including Pheasants, and the now sought after North West Island Feral Fowl

It was this time spent with Jean and her husband that kindled his love for Pheasants and their beauty. That was in his early twenties. 

Living in suburbia limits what you can keep so once Keith moved into the country and onto a 5 acre property, Keith's bird population increased rather rapidly. It all kicked off with Neophemas, Finches and numerous Dove species; all of which are still kept today.

The Pheasant enclosures were soon to follow. Keith currently keeps Swinhoe's, Reeve's, Silver, Kalij Nepal, Goldens and Mongolian Ringnecks. Keith has always loved planted cages so his are large enough to have a fruit tree and other plants in them to create a more natural environment.

Keith's other love is the New Guinea Ground Doves. Keith has finally achieved two established colonies and produced a number of squabs from that. 

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