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Offering Live Food is a truly rewarding experience. Not just for the birds, but also for us as bird-keepers. The excitement when our birds are offered these little critters gives you the reassurance that you've made a concerted effort to improve their diet.

Nutritionally speaking, live food is packed full of beneficial nutrients. These high protein bird snacks are perfect when they're breeding, rearing young, or if you're rearing your own. 

They're also a brilliant way to calm down skittish newcomers. Some Pheasant species are particularly wary of new owners, but regular offerings of live food positively reinforces your presence at the aviary door with their favourite food. 


If you want to keep it nice and easy, there are plenty of Live Food retailers to purchase a variety of different critters. However many bird-keepers have progressed to expert insect breeders. The requirements vary from species to species, however some of the most common insects to breed are mealworms and bush fly larvae. 

We've got some 'how to' pages on Live Food propagation in the drop down menu above!

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