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There is an incredible array of duck species are right here in our own backyard!

There is a wide array of Native and Exotic species, which make a truly special addition to any private collection.

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These large Waterfowl are growing in popularity, for a wide variety of reasons. 

Often represented as aggressive and territorial, they can in fact make a wonderfully interesting addition to your private collection.

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The pinnacle of Waterfowl in Australia are undoubtedly the Swans. 

A small group of birds that are famous for their beauty, elegance, and fascinating characteristics.

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The wonderful colour palette of these fabulous Wildfowl species is truly amazing. 

Whether it's the wonderful contrasts among the Gallopheasants, or the striking beauty of the Ruffed Pheasants, or even the autumnal patterns of the Common Pheasants; there is truly a space for these birds in Australian Aviculture. 

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These unique species are vastly underrated. They are famous for their mound building, dragging material from across the forest floor to build their impressive natural incubators. 

There are very few kept in private Aviculture, however a couple of Softbill collections have introduced these amazing birds to their flocks.

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other gamebirds

There is so much more to Wildfowl than just what we've mentioned above. 

One of the most popular species of birds kept in Aviculture worldwide are the Quail, and with our understanding of diets we've been able to successfully breed some of the finicky Native species too!

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