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The mantra for The Australian Bird Expo is 'Unifying Australian Aviculture'. Our goal is to provide an Event for every person who is a part of the Bird World and demonstrate everything that Aviculture has to offer!

A primary aspect of this mantra is by involving Social Clubs from across Australia, and ensuring that a wide array of bird life is on display during the Expo. Of course, there will also be a range of trade displays from those intertwined in Australian Aviculture. The space for The Australian Bird Expo can fit an exceptionally large number of Vendors, which allows it to be one of the largest Avicultural Events in Australia.

One of the most fundamental points of Aviculture is education, so we've ensured this is a key part of the Event. During the day there will be a number of seminars running, involving some of Australian Aviculture's most experienced individuals; all imparting their knowledge to delegates. These sessions will have limited space, and booking will be essential to secure a spot. 

The final part of The Australian Bird Expo is our celebratory Gala Dinner. This will bring together individuals of the Australian (and Global) Avicultural community, with keynote presentations on various focus areas in bird-keeping. This will be a significant networking opportunity, and a chance to be a united Avicultural presence for Australia. 

We hope to welcome people from every walk of life to The Australian Bird Expo, all with a unified passion for Aviculture!


When we first saw this beautiful painting of the Forest Kingfisher (Todiramphus macleayii) we knew it was the perfect 'centrepiece' for The Australian Bird Expo logo. 

In fact, this painting was first commissioned by the Australian Geographic to artist Kevin Stead. For more information on Kevin, and his works of art, please click below:

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